Planting Tips

We have many pages with great gardening tips, plant information and planting guidelines. Click on one or all of the links below!

Gardening Links

Loads of great information.

Whether you are looking for gardening apps, plant or product information, or want to know more about monarchs and hummingbirds, we have started a list of great gardening links.

  • Plants and Products

    • Perennial Resource
    • Proven Winners Premium Plant Material
    • P. Allen Smith
    • Nature’s Source® Plant Food
      Nature’s Source® plant food not only feeds your plants it also feeds your soil! Contains naturally based oilseed extract it provides a food source for beneficial soil microbes promoting healthier growing conditions. It is effective and also safe to use around children and pets. (Used by Dr. Allan Armitage, Professor Emeritus Horticulture, and writer, at his home and the University of Georgia plant trials.)

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