Garden Mum Planting Guidelines


Place in sunny location with at least 6 hours of full sun.


Mums have shallow roots. Keep soil moist, but not soggy.
Water only from underneath the foliage and not over the top.
Don’t allow to dry out completely.



Remove any spent flower heads.
As the blooms die, pinch or clip them off. This insures all nutrients and moisture goes to the new buds and blooms, helping with a longer bloom period.


Use Fertilome Root Stimulator to help roots establish quicker.
If planting in garden, you need at least 6 weeks before the first hard frost.
Mulch the entire plant with 4-6 inches of mulch after the first killing frost.
Do not cut back until spring.


Cut back old foliage once new growth appears in spring.
Trim foliage by half when it reaches 6-8 inches tall.
Continue to trim foliage by half as it grows with the last trim on July 1.
This produces a bigger, thicker, but shorter mum which is less likely to flop.
Fertilize in early May and again in June with organic fertilizer- Espoma Plant Tone or John’s Recipe from Lady Bug.