Perennials for Shade to Part Shade

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples

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Please note that our plants are delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability.

Full Sun (FS) – 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Part Sun (PS) – A greater emphasis is put on its receiving the minimal sun requirements.

Part Shade (PSH) – Should not be planted where they will get the burning late afternoon sun. Plant where it will get shaded from a tree or plant on the east side of a building.

Full Shade (SH) – Less than 3 hours of direct sunlight each day, with filtered sunlight during the rest of the day. Full shade does not mean “no sunlight.” There are very few plants that will grow in the dark.

Botanical Name

Common Name

Mature Height x Mature Width


Pot Size

Acer shirasawanum ‘Autumn Moon’

Autumn Moon Japanese Maple

10-15″ x 8-12′


2 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Baldsmith’

Baldsmith Laceleaf Japanese Maple

5′ x 5.5′

PS to SH

2 Gal

Sapindaceae Acer Japonicum Emmetts Pumpkin

Emmitt’s Pumpkin Full Moon Japanese Maple

12-15′ x 8-10′


5 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Emperor I’

Emperor I Japanese Maple

15-20′ x 10-15′

FS to SH

2, 5 & 10 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Fireglow’

Fireglow Japanese Maple

12-15′ x 5-8′


5 & 10 Gal

Acer shirasawanum ‘Moonrise’

Moonrise Full Moon Japanese Maple

10-12′ x 5-6′


2 & 5 Gal

Acer pal. dis. ‘Orangiola’

Orangiola Japanese Maple

8′ x 6′

PS to SH

1, 2 & 5 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Pixie’

Pixie Dwarf Japanese Maple

3-8′ x 3-6′

PS to SH

1, 2 & 5 Gal

Acer palmatum dis. ‘Red Dragon’

Red Dragon Japanese Maple

6-8′ x 6-8′

1 & 2 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Rhode Island Red’

Rhode Island Red Japanese Maple

6′ x 5′

FS to SH

1, 2 & 5 Gal

Acer japonicum ‘Ruby Red’

Ruby Red Japanese Maple

12-15′ x 10-12′

FS to SH

2 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’

Shinde shojo Japanese Maple

7-10′ x 6-7′

PS to SH

2 & 5 Gal

Acer palmatum ‘Summer Gold’

Summer Gold Japanese Maple

10-12′ x 8′

FS to SH

1 & 2 Gal

Acer palmatum dis. ‘Tamukeyama’

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

15′ x 8′

PS to SH

1, 2, 5 & 10 Gal

Acer Plamatum dis. ‘Viridis’

Viridis Japanese Maple

4-5′ x 6-8′

PS to SH

1, 2 & 5 Gal