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2018 Tropical  & Flowering Plants
at Sandy’s Back Porch

Name (Common Name)
 Description / NotesExposureSize
Gardenia – Aimee Bush NEW

(I can almost smell it!)

Wonderfully fragrant, double white, 4 to 5″ blooms are larger than any other variety! The first gardenia to bloom in spring, and it continues to flower well into the growing season. A superb compact evergreen accent shrub or container specimen, perfect for entryway plantings or in containers. Just make sure to put them close to your seating to enjoy the fragrance!Part Sun to Sun10″ Pot

Tropical looking, reliable and easy to grow plant

Tropical Plants: Hibiscus
Dwarf Yoders VarietiesRed, Pink, Yellow and OrangePart Sun to Sun10″ Pot & 1 Gallon Pot
Dwarf YodersYellowPart Sun to Sun2 Gallon Pot
Hibiscus FiestaThe yellow-orange blossoms have vibrant fuchsia-pink centers. The ornately ruffled petals are rounded and overlapping. A true party! Bush habitPart Sun to Sun10″ & 1 Gallon
Hibiscus Fiesta StandardTree FormPart Sun to Sun10″ Standard
HibiscusMulti  Color – bush habitPart Sun to Sun10″
Hibiscus                                                                         Yellow – Bush HabitPart Sun to Sun6″
Variety of ColorsBraided Stems – Tree FormPart Sun to Sun10″ Pot
Mixed colorsBraided Stems – Tree FormPart Sun to Sun10″ Pot


Dipladenia is in the Mandevilla family but has a different growth pattern. The  foliage is somewhat smaller and the plant is more shrub-like Mandevilla vines climb up vertical structures to seek the canopy light. Dipladenia is a bushier plant whose stems grow down and hang. The two plants have similar brightly colored flowers, but mandevilla has a larger flower. Both plants need the same bright light and dipladenia care is the same as that for the mandevilla vine. The tubular shape of the flower is a natural for attracting hummingbirds.

Red Full to Part Sun12″ Hanging Basket
Pink Full to Part Sun12″ Hanging Basket
White Full to Part Sun12″ Hanging Basket
Sundenia Diplandias offer the gorgeous, large flowers like the mandevillas, but on a compact, plant. Flowers are 3″ to 5″ in diameter—double the size of a typical diplandenia flower. Plants have a bushy habit with superior branching. High flower count and easy care. Sundenia is ideal for patio pots and hanging baskets. 
Bush Coral Sundenia Full to Part Sun1 Gallon
Bush White Sundenia Full to Part Sun1 Gallon
Pretty Pink Regular and Trellis Full to Part Sun10″  and 1 Gallon
Pretty Red Regular and Trellis Full to Part Sun10″  and 1 Gallon
Summer Romance YellowLarge, deep yellow flowers. The mounding habit makes it a great plant in either a garden bed or in a container. Excellent heat tolerance. 18-36″ tall by 12-16″ spreadFull to Part Sun6″ with Trellis

Bold and showy, mandevilla makes a dramatic statement in a garden bed or a container. This tropical vine has a nonstop supply of large, trumpet-shaped blooms. Use in a garden bed to climb on arbors, Trellises, and mailbox posts. The tubular shape of the flower is a natural for attracting hummingbirds.

Alice Dupont – PinkThe flowers are ice pink with darker pink throat. A lovely choice for a Trellis or arbor. Prefers partial shade. With TrellisPart shade6″ & 10″ pot
ApricotWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ & 1 Gallon
Double PinkWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ Pot
Red and White MixedWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ Pot
Red GiantWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ Pot & 1 Gallons
White GiantWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ Pot
Sun Parasol Red EmperorA premium mandevilla with loads of large, striking red flowers. Outstanding disease resistance. This vigorous growing plant has bright red flowers that grow  3 – 5″ on an upright habit . With TrellisFull to Part Sun6″ & 10″ pot
Mixed Basket – Red & Pink & WhiteHanging BasketFull to Part Sun12″
PinkWith TrellisFull to Part Sun1 Gallon
WhiteWith TrellisFull to Part Sun1 Gallon
YellowWith TrellisFull to Part Sun10″ Pot

 Bronze Scarlet / Orange Shades / Yellow / Tropicanna

Cannova YellowA very early flowering canna that is an exotic tropical dazzler that makes a great accent plant in the garden or a container. 30-48″ tall by 14-20″ spreadSun 
Cannova Orange ShadesThis early flowering cann is a radiant, vividly colorful tropical beauty. Use as an accent plant in the garden or container. 30-48″ tall by 14-20″ spreadSun 
Canova Bronze ScarletA very early flowering canna that has scarlet red blooms. Use as an accent plant in the garden or container.30-48″ tall by 14-20″ spreadSun 
TropicannaTropicanna is an extremely showey canna that has bright orange flowers and exotic multicolored foliage. This beauty will grow 5′ tall by 3-4′ spread.Sun1 Gallon Pot


Other Outstanding Flowering Plants

 Euryops / Honeysuckle / Butterfly Bush

California Bush Daisy (Euryops)Bright yellow flowers appear in great numbers throughout the season and are quite striking against the delicate, dark green foliage. The loose, rounded form makes a colorful accent plant or in mixed flower borders and containers. It can grow up to 3′ tall and 4′ wide.Sun10″ & 1 Gallon

Cape Honeysuckle Bush (Tecoma capensis)A beautiful evergreen woody vine or sprawling shrub. This honeysuckle has showy trumpet-shaped flowers appear in clusters. Thrives in warm, sunny locations,Fast growing; reaches 15 to 20′ tall by 6 to 8′ wide and can trail from 15 to 20′. Plant on arbor or Trellis.Sun10″ Pot

Butterfly Bush – Clarodendron Blue (Buddleia )This butterfly bush not only attracts butterflies, but the two toned flowers actually look like little butterflies. Use as a specimen plant or in a mixed border or container garden. Will grow 2-4′ tall by 2-3′ wide.Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade10″ Pot

Duranta / Gerbers / Mexican Heather
Duranta Sapphire Shower This fast-growing tropical shrub has beautiful blooms and fantastic foliage. Sapphire Shower has dainty purple flowers that are edged in white. This great accent plant attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.Part Sun to Sun10″ Pot (Bush) and 10″ Pot (Tree Form)

Gerber Daisies (Gerbera)Various colorsPart Sun to Part Shade1 Gallon Pot

Heather – Cuphea Purple Mexican Heather has fine, fernlike foliage and a plethora of small blooms. It’s heat loving and very easy to grow for all gardeners. 12-24″ tallPart to Full Sun1 Gallon Pot

Lantana AssortedBraided Stem – Tree formSun6″ Pot)
Lantana assorted colors – Gold, Orange, YellowTree FormSun10″ 

Ruellia (Mexican Petunia)Braided Stem – Tree FormSun10″ Pot
Ruellia (Mexican Petunia) Purple ShowersA vigorous, upright plant that typically grows in a clump to 3-4′ tall. Heat and drought tolerant. Attracts hummingbirdsSun10″ Pot
Ruellia (Mexican Petunia) White Showers – NEW Sun10″ Pot


Outstanding Foliage Plants
Aglaonema / Plumbea Nigra / Black Coral / Petra
Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) Jazzed Gems® Sparkling SarahSparkling Sarah has lime speckling and red veins. Aglaonema, also known as Chinese evergreen, has long been known as a tough houseplant, one that looks attractive but tolerates very low light conditions.  Aglaonema is one of the many plants recognized by NASA for its ability to improve indoor air quality.  Shade6″ Pot
Plumbea Nigra Alocasia (Elephant Ear)4-6′ tallShade1 Gallon Pot
Black Coral Colocasia (Elephant Ear)Stunnig dark foliagesPart to Full Sun1 Gallon Pot
Croton PetraAdd bright color to a sunny spot in the garden with this very colorful plant. The long, leathery leaves have splashes of red, orange, pink, yellow and green. Easy to grow, but very thirsty plantsPart to Full Sun10″  and 1 Gallon pot


Palms and Other Tropical Plants
Ravenea rivularis  (Majesty Palm)Very regal looking and grows tallShade to Part Sun10″ Pot
Phoenix Roebellini  Palm (Pygmy Date Palm)Beautiful and tropical. Great indoor pan for air purification.Part Shade to Sun10″ Pot
Chamaerops humilis (European Fan Palm)Slow growing. Ideal for containersPart Sun to Sun10″ Pot
Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)Great old fashioned house plant. Braided stem – tree formPart Sun to Part Shade10″
Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)Tree FormPart Sun to Part Shade10″

Fabulous Ferns
Boston / Tiger / Macho
Kimberly QueenUpright and arching habitPart Sun to Sun6″, 10″ and 1 Gallon Pot
Macho Fern Boston fern on steroids! Very easy to growPart Shade to Part Sun10″ and 1 Gallon Pot
Tiger Fern Great variegation and color.Part Shade to Shade10″ Hanging Basket
Boston Fern
The standared in basket ferns. 34″ SpreadPart Shade to Shade10″ Hanging Basket
Sprengerii (Asparagus)Great spiller plant for a shady spotShade10″ Hanging Basket

Grasses and Thrillers
Red Sister / Red Star / Sundance
Cymbopogon (Lemon Grass)Whether you choose to cook with it or use it in a mixed container, you can’t go wrong with this easy grassSun1 Gallon Pot
Cordyline Red Sister  (Hawaiian Ti Plant)Pink, plum, maroon and deep burgundy foliage makes this a star as a thriller in a container.Part Shade to Sun10″ Pot
Cordyline Red StarThriller – Use instead of SpikePart Sun to Sun1 Gallon Pot
Cordyline Sundance – NEWSundance is a stunning upright Cordyline with red and green foliage. It is drought tolerant and can tolerate a bit of cold. Great for gardens beds or as a thriller in a mixed containerPart Sun to Sun1 Gallon Pot


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