New 2018 Annuals Grown Here at Sandy’s!

(Our plants are either grown here or delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability.)

Bidens Campfire Fireburst

Campfire Fireburst

This easy to grow plant is a vigorous grower that is heat tolerant.  Fireburst has striking scarlet and yellow flowers in the summer months and muted orange petals in early spring and fall. It is a continuous bloomer that doesn’t need dead-heading. It grows only 12 to 18″ tall and will spread 18 to 24″.  Fireburst attracts bees. Part Sun to Sun

Calibrachoa Blue Moon Punch

Blue Moon Punch Calibrachoa

The show stopping Blue Moon Punch will stop you in your tracks! These large, cool lavender blooms have a deep purple eye and black throat, and they transition to silvery light purple as they age. The flowers appear on cascading stems early in the season and continue to bloom into fall without deadheading. Perfect for containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. Like all Calibrachoas, this beauty requires well drained soil and regular fertilizing. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies. 6-12″ tall and by 12 to 24″ spread and will trails to 30″. Part Sun to Sun

Calibrachoa Double Ruby

Double Ruby

Double Ruby Red is a charming double flowered Calibrachoa that is covered with masses of small, ruby red, double petunia-like flowers. It is heat tolerant, and doesn’t need deadheading.  Calibrachoa like to be grown in well drained soil and do well when fertilized every couple of weeks for best performance. If they are starting to lose their flower power, give them a light trim to encourage new growth and more blooms. Perfect for containers, window boxes and hanging baskets, on their own or in mixtures. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Double Ruby will grow  6 to12″ tall and will spread 12 to 24″.  Part Sun to Sun

Over Easy Superbells´

Over Easy Superbells® Calibrachoa

The snowy white blossoms have sunny yellow centers that cover the bushy plant that will trail from containers and will form a low mound in garden. Over Easy is a long rebloomer, and is great in a mixed container. 6-12″ tall and spread to 18″ Part Sun to Sun

Calibrachoa Superbells® Rising Star

Calibrachoa Superbells® Rising Star

Rising Star™ Calibrachoa has a trio of colors. The bright yellow eye is surrounded by a white star pattern that is filled in with a spot of magenta. They have an abundance of blooms providing great color all summer long. Rising Star™ is a great choice for containers and hanging baskets. Superbells® like to be grown in well drained soil and do well when fertilized every couple of weeks for best performance. If they are starting to lose their flower power, give them a light trim to encourage new growth and more blooms. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies. They will grow 6 to 12″ tall and spread to 18″, trailing up to 24″. Part Sun to Full Sun

Hippo Rose Hypoestes

The new Hippo hypoestes, ( Polka Dot Plant) is a great new variety of this old-fashioned  plant that has higher vigor, larger plant size and improved leaf color. Hippo Rose has large leaves that are a rich rose-pink color with a lighter green underlay. They grow from 16 to 22″ tall by 8-14″ spread, making them perfect for  containers. Use as a colorful foliage accent plant in mixed containers.

Trailing Plum Coleus

Trailing Plum

Trailing Plum has stunning maroonish purple surrounded by hot magenta and cream to chartreuse frilled edges. It has a compact, sprawling habit that makes it a great choice for a garden bed or in containers. This coleus a perfect companion in mixed pots in sun or part shade. As with many coleus, the light intensity affects the color tones. It prefers rich, moist, well-drained soil.It wil grow 1 to 1.5′ tall by 1.5 to 2′ wide. Full Sun to Part Shade

Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo

Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo

Puffs of small magenta flowers packed into clusters adorn the dark foliage of this plant.  The extreme heat tolerance make it a winner in any warm summer climate. Attracts birds, butterflies and hummingbirds. 12 to 26″ tall and will spread 12  to 24″. Full Sun

Double Moonglow Osteospermum

Double Moonglow Osteospermum

Add color and great texture to your spring garden with Double Moonglow Osteospermum.  The bicolor cream colored petals are offset by a frill of buttery yellow petals in the center. These semi-double daisy flowers are just plain gorgeous! The short mounded habit really holds up the flowers. This Osteospermum is more heat tolerant than others.  It makes a superb container plant. The plant is also deer and rabbit resistant. Water the plants whenever the soil feels dry. Remove the flowers as they fade to promote additional flushes of bloom. Double Moonglow will grow 8 to 12″ tall and wide. Part Sun to Sun

Purple Gem Petunia

Cascadias Purple Gem Petunia

A waterfall of large 2½” violet flowers with a white star pattern trail majestically from hanging baskets or patio containers, or cheer up an area in a garden border. They blooms prolifically from late spring until first frost. They even defy cold, rainy weather. 10 to 16″ tall  by 16 to 20″ wide. Full Sun

Lovie Dovie Supertunia

Lovie Dovie Supertunia

Lovie Dovie is a patterned Supertunia with ruffled, white blooms that have a magenta pink star pattern that promises to never disappoint! Lovie Dovie is a a beauty that has outstanding garden performance. A great choice for a hanging basket or container. It will grow 6 to 12″ tall by 18 to 24″ spread and will trail to 30″. Part Sun to Sun

Royal Magenta Supertunia

Royal Magenta Supertunia

Stormbust has large, ruffled, magenta-pink, trumpet shaped flowers over green foliage that is an exceptional self-cleaning variety with a fantastic, well-branched, trailing habit.  All Supertunias are low maintenance, fast growing and frost and weather tolerant. Enjoy them in hanging baskets, mixed container gardens and in the landscape. Royal Magenta will grow 6 – 12″ tall and trails up to 30″. Full Sun

Mysty Salvia

Mysty Salvia

This compact salvia is a great variety for mixed containers. Mysty is covered with true blue flowers all season long. This is a heat-hardy plant that is well-branched and very free-flowering. Mysty will grow 10 to 12″ tall. Full Sun

Stormburst Superbena

Stormburst Superbena

Stormbust has very large purple and white bi-colored flowers. They are great in landscapes and fantastic in mixed containers. In landscapes, they are best used at the front of beds and they function as spillers in combination planters. 6 to 12″ tall by 18′ to 30″ spread. Full Sun

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