Sandy's Back Porch Garden Center in Belleville ILOur 2020 Early Arrival Tropical Plants at Sandy’s Back Porch!

Our first batch of tropical plants have arrived and they are just incredible!
As the temperatures warm up, we will continue to receive more and more.

Our plants are delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability.

Click here for a printable pdf list

Note: Not all plants are shown

Pot SizePlantPrice
A variety of Cactii and Sansevieria
2”Mini Cactii7.99
2.5”Variety of Sansevieria8.99
4″Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)14.99
4″Pilea Peperomiodes (Chinese Money Plant)26.00
4″String of Pearls12.99
4″Assortment of Pepperomia10.99
4”Aloe Vera7.99
ZZ Plant, Dracaena Hawiian Sunshine and Pepperomia Caperata Rosso
4”Castaceae – Variety of Cactii12.99
4”Crassula – Succulent Jade9.99
4”Assortment of Succulents12.99
5”Sansevieria Fernwood (Snake Plant)26.00
5”Sansevieria Cylindrica (African Spear)26.00
6″Dracaena Hawiian Sunshine Bush24.00
6″Ficus Lyrata Bush (Fiddle Leaf Fig)26.00
6″String of Pearls26.00
6″Calathea What variety?24.00
A variety of Succulents and Sansevieria Cylindrica
6″Nephthytis (Arrowhead Plant)20.00
6″Marble Queen Pothos18.99
6″Dracaena Marginata21.00
6″Dracaena Brasil (Corn Plant)20.00
Burrows Tail and a variety of succulents
6”Pepperomia Caperata28.00
6”Pilea Sharing (Peperomioddes)34.00
6”Philodendron Cordatum20.00
6”Beaucarnia Ponytail Braided (Ponytail Palm)28.00
6”Sansevieria Black Coral (Black Snake Plant)26.00
6”Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ Plant)20.00
6”Asplenium Birdsnest Fern24.00
6”Crassula – Succulent Jade16.99
Pepperomia, Fiddle Leaf Fig and Pothos
6”Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)24.00
6”Calathea Ornata (Prayer Plant)24.00
8″Epipremnum Jade Pothos Hanging Basket24.00
8″Epipremnum Marble Queen Pothos Hanging Basket25.00
8”Philodendron Moonlight46.00
8” Neon Pothos – Hanging Basket26.00
10″Dracaena Tarzan Treeform129.00
Jade Plants, Philodendron Moonlight and Pepperomia
10″Ficus Alii Braided Stem52.00
10″Ficus Pandurata Lyrata Treeform (Fiddle Leaf Fig)58.00
10″Calamondin Bush (Citrus Fruit)69.00
10″Persian Lime Bush (Citrus Fruit)69.00
10″Ficus (Standard)58.00
10″Ficus Alii (Braided)64.00
10”Sansevieria Black Coral (Black Snake Plant)42.00
14″Ficus Moclame Treeform176.00