2016 Annuals at Sandy’s Back Porch

(Our plants are delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability.)

We carry all the tried and true favorites including our incredible home grown geraniums, petunias, million bells along with many harder to find annuals. We have two large greenhouses packed with beautiful annuals for containers, baskets and garden beds. A visit to Sandy’s Back Porch will convince you we have the best annuals in town!

Variety / Color / Notes / Exposure

Full Sun – 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Part Sun or Part Shade – These are generally used interchangeably to mean 3-6 hours of sun each day. Morning or early afternoon is desirable. Mid to late afternoon sun is too intense and can burn plants.

Part Sun – A greater emphasis is put on its receiving the minimal sun requirements.

Part Shade – Should not be planted where they will get the burning late afternoon sun. Plant where it will get shaded from a tree or plant on the east side of a building.

Full Shade – Less than 3 hours of direct sunlight each day, with filtered sunlight during the rest of the day. Full shade does not mean no sun. There are very few plants that will grow in the dark.

Agastache / Hummingbird Mint

Very aromatic, long lasting color. Attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies

agastache or hummingbird mint
Acapulco Orange / Attracts hummingbirds & butterfliesSun
Acapulco Salmon / Attracts hummingbirds & butterfliesSun

Angelonia / Summer Snapdragon

Copes well with heat, some drought & flowers throughout the season. Great in beds and containers.

angelonia or summer snapdragons
Angelos Bi ColorSun
Archangel Orchid PinkSun
Wedgewood BlueSun
Angelface WhiteSun
Archangel WhiteSun
Archangel Dark RoseSun
Archangel Dark PurpleSun
Archangel RaspberrySun
Alonia Big VioletSun
Alonia Big BlueSun
Angelface BlueSun
Carita Purple
Carita WhiteSun

Asclepias / Annual Milkweed

Provides nectar and attracts Monarchs, other Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Annual Milkweed
Monarch’s PromiseSun


Wonderful for shade garden color!

Dragon Wing / Baby Wing / Marshmallow
Baby Wing BicolorPart Sun to Shade
Baby Wing White (Green Leaf)Part Sun to Shade
Baby Wing RedPart Sun to Shade
Dragon Wing PinkPart Sun to Shade
Dragon Wing RedPart Sun to Shade
MarshmallowPart Sun to Shade
Rex BegoniasSpitfire / Escargot / Salsa / Gryphon
Rex EscargotPart Shade to Shade
Rex GryphonPart Shade to Shade
Rex SalsaPart Shade to Shade
Rex SpitfirePart Shade to Shade
Whopper Red (Bronze Leaf)Part Sun to Shade
Whopper Rose (Bronze Leaf)Part Sun to Shade
Whopper Rose (Green Leaf)
Part Sun to Shade


“Everlasting” large flowers

Sundance® Totally YellowSun

Bidens and Brachyscome

bidens and brachyscome
Bidens / Beedance Painted Red / Attracts bees and butterflies
Brachyscome / Brasco VioletSun


Blushing Bride / Candyland / Carolyn Whorton / Gingerland
Blushing Bride
Sun Tolerant to Shade
Candyland Sun Tolerant to Shade
Carolyn Whorton Sun Tolerant to Shade
Florida Cardinal Shade
Frog in a Blender Part Sun to Shade
Gingerland Part Sun to Shade

Green Frog in a Blender / Miss Muffet / Pink Beauty / Postman Joyner

Lemon Blush Shade
Miss Muffet Part Sun to Shade
Pink Beauty Part Sun to Shade
Fannie Munson (Pink)Shade
Raspberry Moon Part Sun to Shade
Freida Hemple (Red)Sun Tolerant to Shade
Postman Joyner
Part Sun to Shade

White Aaron / White Candidum / White Christmas / White Queen

Summer Breeze Part Shade to Shade
White Aaron Sun Tolerant to Shade
White Candidum Sun Tolerant to Shade
White Christmas Part Shade to Shade
White Queen
Part Shade to Shade

Calibrachoa / Million Bells

Commonly called million bells, these plants are prolific bloomers that produce hundreds of 1” wide flowers from spring to frost. They are among the smallest of petunias but may look bigger due to the clustered appearance of the seasonal blooms in shades of gold, peach, coral and magenta.They need little or no deadheading.

Calibrachoa or Million Bells
Aloha Kona Hot OrangeSun
Aloha Red CartwheelSun
Aloha Tiki NeonSun
Cararet Bright RedSun
Callie WhiteSun
Can Can OrangeSun
Celebration Chamelion Sunshine BerrySun
Cherry RoseSun
Deep BlueSun
Deep YellowSun
Double Deep YellowSun
Evening StarSun
Hot PinkSun
Mini Famous TangerineSun
MiniFamous I Generation OrangeSun
Noa PapayaSun
Noa SunsetSun
MiniFamous® VampireSun
Superbells® Cherry StarSun
Superbells® Lemon SliceSun
Superbells® Pomegranite PunchSun
Superbells® Strawberry PunchSun
Superbells® Yellow ChiffonSun
Confetti Mixes
Exciting Color Mixes of Calibrachoas, Petunias and Verbenas
Confetti Mixes of Calibrachoa, Petunias and Verbena
Bell Air RedSun
Cupcake PartySun
Glossy TwilightSun
Harvest MoonSun
Hawaiian LuauSun
Hawaiian SummerSun
Hawaiian LuauSun
Hawaiian HiloSun
Hot Pink JazzSun
Pirates BeautySun
Rockin’ SunsetSun
Shocking SunsetSun
Times SquareSun


Dragon’s Breath RedSun
Kelos MagentaSun
Intenz Classic PinkSun
Intenz Dark PurpleSun


Apple Brandy / Beauty of Lyons / Campfire / Marrakesh
Apple BrandySun to Shade
Beauty of LyonSun to Part Shade
Bone FishSun to Part Shade
CampfirePart Sun
Dutchmill Road / Granville Road / Rodeo Drive / Sunset Boulevard
Dutch Mill RoadPart Sun to Sun
Kong Jr Green HaloShade to Part Shade
Kong Jr Lime VeinShade to Part Shade
Kong Jr RoseShade to Part Shade
Kong RoseShade to Part Shade
Kong Salmon PinkShade to Part Shade
Kong Jr. Lime Vein / Kong Jr. Lime Halo / Kong Jr. Rose
Main StreetPart Sun
MarrakeshShade to Part Shade
Granville StreetSun to Shade
RedheadPart Sun to S
Rodeo DriveSun to Shade
Strawberry DropSun to Shade
Sunset BoulevardSun to Shade
VelveteenSun to Shade
Wall StreetPart Sun to Shade
WatermelonPart Sun

Crossandra & Cupheas

Orange Marmalade Crossandra / Bat Face Cuphea / Mexican Heather
Crossandra Orange MarmaladePart Sun to Part Shade
Cuphea Allyson HeatherSun
Cuphea BatfaceSun


Dinner Plate DahliasKelvin Floodlight / Mystery Day
Kelvin Floodlight Dinner Plate Sun
Mystery Day Dinner PlateSun
Dalaya ShariSun
Dalaya Shari / Dalaya Yogi / Mystic Enchantment / Mystic Spirit
Dalaya YellowSun
Dalaya YogiSun
Mystic EnchantmentSun
Mystic IllusionSun
Mystic SpiritSun

Evolvulus, Fuchsia & Ivy Geranium

Evolvulus Blue My Mind Sun
Fuchsia GartenmeisterPart Sun to Shade
Geranium Ivy Caliente FireSun


Allue Hot CoralSun
Allure Pink SizzleSun
Allure TangerineSun
Allure True RedSun
Allure WhiteSun
Americana Dark RedSun
Arctic RedSun
Calliope Crimson FlameSun
Calliope Dark RedSun
Calliope Hot PinkSun
Calliope Lav RoseSun
Calliope Scarlet FireSun
Glitterati Ice QueenSun
Rocky Mountain Dark RedSun
Rocky Mountain Deep RoseSun
Rocky Mountain LavenderSun
Rocky Mountain Light PinkSun
Rocky Mountain MagentaSun
Rocky Mountain RedSun
Rocky Mountain Royal RedSun
Rocky Mountain SalmonSun
Rocky Mountain WhiteSun
Survivor Baby FaceSun
Survivor BlueSun
Survivor CoralSun
Survivor Pink BatikSun
Survivor Salmon SensationSun

Gomphrena & Heliotrope
Great, heat tolerant annual

Gomphrena FireworksSun
Gomphrena Pinball Purple
Gomphrena QIS Red
Heliotrope Scentropia Dark BluePart Sun to Sun

Great, heat tolerant annual that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

lantana great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies
Bandana Landscape YellowSun
Bandana CherrySun
Bandana PinkSun
Berry BlendSun
Citrus BlendSun
Lemon GlowSun
Lemon ZestSun
Lucky Flame ImprovedSun
Lucky Sunrise RoseSun
Luscious Pinkberry BlendSun

Laurentia, Lotus & Mercadonia

Laurentia / Beth’s BlueSun
Lotus / Parrot’s BeakSun
Mercadonia / Magic CarpetPart Shade to Sun

Lobularia / Sweet Alyssum

Lavender SteamPart Sun to Sun
Raspberry StreamPart Sun to Sun
Silver StreamPart Sun to Sun

Manettia, Ruellia, Perilla  & Rudbeckia

Manettia Candy Corn VinePart Sun to Sun
Perilla Purple
Part Shade to Sun
Rudbeckia / Tiger Eye Gold
Ruellia / Mexican Petunia / Purple ShowersSun

New Guinea Impatiens

new guineas impatiens
Electric RedPart Sun to Shade
Harmony Dark VioletPart Sun to Shade
Harmony Radiance ScarletPart Sun to Shade
Harmony Red CardinalPart Sun to Shade
Infinity Blushing LilacPart Sun to Shade
InfinityWhitePart Sun to Shade
Riviera BluePart Sun to Shade
Sonic OrangePart Sun to Shade
Sonic PinkPart Sun to Shade


Compact Blush / Compact Coral / Compact Electric Orange / Compact White Imp
Compact Blush PinkSun
Compact CoralSun
Compact Coral PinkSun
Compact Deep RoseSun
Compact Electric OrangeSun
Compact LilacSun
Royal Maganta / Neon Pink / Tropical Orange
Compact RedSun
Compact Royal MagentaSun
Compact White ImpSun
Compact Neon PinkSun
Spreading Tropical OrangeSun

Osteospermum / African Daisy

Blue Eyed Beauty Part Sun to Shade
Symphony Orange Part Sun to Shade
Voltage White Part Sun to Shade


Berry LisciousSun
Cascadia Indian SumerSun
Cha Cha ChingSun
G & P OrangeSun
G & P WhiteSun
Hells BellsSun
Kermit RoseSun
Night SkySun
Panache Tickled PinkSun
Radiant Blue SangunaSun
Radiant RoseSun
Sunflower RaySun
Surprise Moonlight BaySun
Sweetunia Johnny FlameSun
Sweetunia Suzie StormSun


Crazytunias grow strong and fast and they don’t go straggly or bald in the centre.  They are being hailed for their bold, chunky growth habit.  They’re naturally multi-branching and you don’t have to trim them to maintain that tidy shape. Beautiful shaped flowers and sophisticated colors.

Blackberry CheesecakeSun
Pink FrillsSun


A line of petunia called Potunia, is another full-sun loving petunia with a bubble of color. Its mounding habit definitely enhances the look. As its name suggests, it is perfect for containers and hanging baskets. As it spreads, the Potunia keeps blooming in the center! A great feature and addition to any annual garden. If you don’t want to “deadhead” to keep getting blooms – this is your plant! This is not a spreader. It keeps its mounded ball-shape form all season long.

Blueberry MuffinSun
Piccola Hot PinkSun
Purple HaloSun


Most of the Supertunias are only 6 to 10 inches high, but can trail up to 2 to 3 feet long. There are just a few varieties that have a mounding and cascading habit, reaching 24 inches tall with a 24-inch spread. They are very compact and uniform. They have good disease resistance and weather tolerance aided by smaller flowers. Supertunia Group are robust, free-flowering, cultivars. Flowers are 2 to 3 inches wide and come in white, rose-magenta, and shades of purple. They are terrific for a hanging basket. Supertunia is known for being highly weather tolerant.

Black CherrySun
Pretty Much PicassoSun
Raspberry BlastSun
Royal VelvetSun
Vista BubblegumSun
Vista FuchsiaSun
Vista SilverberrySun

Portulaca / Moss Rose

Cupcake Yellow ChromeSun
Rio Grande MagentaSun
Rio Grande ScarletSun
Rio Grande WhiteSun
Rio Grande YellowSun

Salvia / Sage

Black & Bloom – Attracts HummingbirdsSun
Mystic SpiresSun

Scaveola / Fan Flower

Trailing / Spreading Habit

Whirlwind BlueSun
Whirlwind WhiteSun
Fairy PinkSun

Streptocarpella / Stobilanthes /  Thunbergias

Streptocarpella Blue HeavenPart Sun to Shade
Strobilanthes Persian Shield
Part Shade to Part Sun
Thunbergia Susie Orange with Eye
Sun to Part Sun
Thunbergia Susie Yellow with EyeSun to Part Sun

Sutera / Bacopa

Trailing Habit

Snowstorm Double BluePart Shade
Betty Dark BluePart Shade
Betty WhitePart Shade

Solanum Jasminoides / Sedum / Torenia

Solanum Jasminoides / Potato Vine / Shrubby climber – Good on Trellis or Arbor
Part Sun to Sun
Sedum / Lemon Coral / Trailing – Spreading
Part Sun to Sun
Torenia / Summer Wave Blue / Trailing
Part Shade to Shade


Aztec Blue VelvetSun
Aztec Dark RedSun
Burgundy WinkSun
Estrelia Voodoo StarSun
Lanai Candy CaneSun
Lanai Peach ImprovedSun
Lanai Twister PinkSun
Lanai WhiteSun
Superbena Royale ChambraySun
Superbena Sparkling RubySun
Upright Bright RoseSun
Wicked Mad MagentaSun

Ferns, Trailers, Thrillers & Fillers

Plumosa / Asparagus Fern / FillerShade
Sprengeri / Asparagus Fern / TrailingSun
Chrysocephalum / Everlasting / Flambe Yellow / TrailerSun
Doreanthus / Mezoo Trailing RedSun to Part Sun
Dracaena / Spike / Upright / ThrillerSun
Euphorbia / Crystal White / Trailer / FillerSun
Euphorbia / Diamond Frost / Trailer / FillerSun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Red Fox Flora Mia / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Solar Power Black / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Sweet Caroline Raven / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Sweet Caroline Light Green / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Sweet Georgia Bull Frog / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Sweet Georgia Heart Purple / TrailerShade to Sun
Ipomea / Sweet Potato Vine / Sweet Heart Lime Green / TrailerShade to Sun
Juncus Color Grass / Blue Arrows / ThrillerSun
Lysmachia / Creeping Jenny / Goldie / Trailer or GroundcoverPart Sun to SH
Oplisemenus / Basket Grass / TrailerShade
Plectranthus / Iboza Vine / TrailerShade
Vinca / Expoflora / TrailerPart Shade to Part Sun
Wandering Jew / Bridal Veil / TrailerShade
Wandering Jew / Rainbow Variegata / TrailerShade


Uproar RoseSun