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Bagged Goods Currently in Stock

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(Our plants and products are delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability.)

Product Bag Size Price
Mushroom Compost (Manure based) 1 cu ft  3.99 ea or 3 bags for 9.99
Missouri Botanical Gardens Compost (Yard waste with a small amount of manure) 1.5 cu ft 3.69 ea or 3 for 9.99 
Black Forest Mulch Fine Ground Mulch   4.29 each or 3 for 11.99
NEW! Espoma Organic Land & Sea Compost 1 cu ft 9.99
NEW! Espoma Organic Raised Bed Blend  1.5 cu ft 12.99
NEW! Espoma Organic All Purpose Garden Soil 1 cu ft 9.99
Pro-Mix with Myccorhize   2.8 cu ft 20.00
Pro-Mix with Myccorhize with Moisture Crystals   1 cu ft 8.99
Cotton Burr Compost  2 cu ft 9.99