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Cool Season Vegetables

(All plants subject to availability.)
Vegetable Variety Notes Pot Size
Beets Red Ace Most Popular in USA, Excellent Disease Tolerance 6 pack
Broccoli Packman Large Tight Heads 6 pack
Brussels Sprouts Jade Cross Compact Plant, High Yields 6 pack
Cabbage Stonehead – Green Round Solid Heads, Early 6 pack
Ruby Perfection – Red Medium Sized Round Heads, Mid-Season 6 pack
Carrots Royal Chantenay – Heirloom Excellent All Around Carrot, Small Core 6 pack
Cauliflower Snow Crown 1-2 lbs, Mild & Sweet, Early, AAS Winner 6 pack
Collards Georgia – Heirloom Very Cold Hardy 6 pack
Kale Red Russian – Heirloom Very Tender & Sweet, Pretty Purple Color 3.5″ & 6 Pack
Blue Ridge Good Heat Tolerance, Dwarf 6 pack
Kohlrabi Grand Duke Early, 3.5″ Globes, AAS Winner 6 pack
Bib Buttercrunch – Heirloom Large Heads, Slow to Bolt, Tender & Tasty, AAS Winner 6 pack
Simpson Elite Slow to Bolt, Leaf Lettuce 6 pack
Head Great Lakes – Heirloom Large Crisp Heads, AAS Winner 6 pack
Fire & Ice Mix Green & Red Leaf Lettuce Mix 6 pack
Red Leaf Red Sails Attractive and Tasty, Slow to Bolt, AAS Winner 6 pack
Parrris Island – Heirloom Sweet and Crisp, Romaine 6 pack
Lettuce / Mixed Greens Mesclun Mix Arugula, Chervil, Endive & Lettuce Mache 6 pack
Peas Sugar Ann Snap Peas – Heirloom Sweet, Crisp, Early, AAS Winner 6 pack
Spinach Tyee Slow to Bolt, Vigorous Growth 6 pack


Warm Season Vegetables

Vegetable Variety Notes Pot Size
Cucumbers Patio Snacker Compact Plant, Good Yields 3.5″
Pick A Bushel AAS Winner, Pickling, Crisp & Sweet, Disease Resistant 3.5″
Slicemore High Yield, Very Tasty & Crisp 3.5″
Summer Top Early, Japanese Burpless, High Yields, Disease Resistant 3.5″
Eggplant Black Beauty – Heirloom Heavy Yields, Large Fruit 3.5″
Little Fingers Slender – Heirloom Small & Tender Fruit, Works in Containers 3.5″
Fairy Tale AAS Winner, Prolific Miniature Sized, Tender & Sweet, Works in Containers 3.5″
Ichiban Very Productive, Slender, Dark Fruit, Works in Containers 3.5″
Green Beans Bush Roma Heavy Yield, Great Flavor 6 pack
Okra Clemson Spinelesss – Heirloom AAS Winner 3.5″
Hot Peppers
Anaheim Chili Mild Heat 3.5″
Caribbean Habanaro Very Hot 3.5″
Garden Salsa Hybrid Medium Heat 3.5″
Ghost (Bhut Jdokia) Hottest in the world! 3.5″
Hot Banana Medium Heat 3.5″
Hungarian Sweet Banana – Heirloom Sweet & Mild heat 3.5″
Jalapeno Medium Heat 3.5″
Poblano Chili Mild Heat 3.5″
Super Chili Very Hot 3.5″
Tabasco Very Hot 3.5″
Thai Dragon – Heirloom Very Hot 3.5″
Sweet Peppers
California Wonder Heirloom 3.5″
Cute Stuff Gold Heavy Yield – Miniature 3.5″
Flavorburst Yellow 3.5″
Italian Roaster Great for Grilling 3.5″
Lady Bell Red All Purpose, Great Pepper 3.5″
Valencia Orange Good Yield, Large Peppers 3.5″
Whopper High Yield, Large Peppers 3.5″
Yummy Mix Miniature Sized, Great for Snacking 3.5″
Squash Butternut Winter Squash, Stores Well 3.5″
Spaghetti Winter Squash, Use instead of Noodles 3.5″
Strawberries Honeoye June Bearer, Heavy Yields 6 pack
Quinalt Everbearer, Large Juicy Fruit, Heavy Yield 6 pack
Allstar June Bearer, Disease Resistant, Heavy Yields, Large Sweet 3.5″
Eversweet Everbearer Great in the Heat, Large Firm Juicy Seet 3.5″
Ozark Beauty Everbearer, High Yields, Large, Very Sweet Fruit 3.5″
Sweet Potato Beauregard Most Popular SP, High Yields, Uniform Shape, Tasty 3.5″
Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde Very Large Fruit, High Yield, Heirloom 3.5″



Variety Days to Maturity Disease Resistant Growth Habit Color & Fruit Size Notes Pot Size

All Purpose Tomatoes

Better Boy 70 Yes Ind. RedUp to 1 lb Juicy & Flavorful 3.5″
Celebrity 70 Yes Ind. Reddish Orange10-16 oz- Great All Season Long 3.5″
Cherokee Purple – Heirloom 80-90 Ind. Pinkish Purple8-12 oz Very Pretty 3.5″
Fourth of July 49 Ind. Red, 4 oz Early & Heavy Yields 3.5″
Golden Jubilee – Heirloom 72 Ind. Bright Golden Orange6-7 oz Mild Flavor and Low Acid 3.5″
Green Zebra – Heirloom 78 Ind. Green Striped2-4 oz Great Tomato Flavor 3.5″
Lemon Boy 72-75 Yes Ind. Yellow7-8 oz Sweet and Low Acid 3.5″

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefmaster 80 Yes Ind. RedUp To 2 lbs Good Flavor & Crack Resistant 3.5″
Beefsteak 80 Ind. RedUp To 2 lbs Excellent Slicer 3.5″
Big Beef 73 Yes Ind. Red10-12 oz + Early, Old Time Tomato Flavor, AAS Winner 3.5″
Brandywine Red – Heirloom 90-100 Ind. Rosy Pink1.5 lbs, Excellent Flavor 3.5″
Burpee Big Boy 78 Ind. RedUp to 1 lb + Rich Flavor 3.5″

Tomatoes That Work in Containers

Bush Early Girl II 65 Yes Det. Red6 oz Early Compact and Productive 3.5″
Pink Girl 76 Yes Det. Pinkish-Red6-8 oz Low Acid 3.5″

Canning/Paste Tomatoes

LaRoma III 76 Yes Det. Red5-8 oz Abundant Great Flavor 3.5″
San MarzanoHeirloom 80 Ind. Red2-3″ Meaty, Sweet, Low Acid, Italian Standard 3.5″

Grape and Cherry Tomatoes

Super Sweet 100 65 Ind. Red1″ Cherry Very Sweet,
Black Cherry – Heirloom 64 Yes Ind. Mahogany Red1″ Cherry Mild Flavor
Juliet Hybrid Grape 60 Ind. Red1 oz Grape Crack Resistant
Sprite – Heirloom 60 Det. RedSmall Grape Very Productive Sweet, Best Grape, Works in Container
Sungold 57 Yes Ind. Orange1 oz Cherry Very Sweet and Prolific
Sunsugar 72 Yes Ind. GoldenCherry Extremely Sweet and Prolific

Tomato Growth Habit Key

Determinate (Det) means short vines, bushlike, compact, terminal blossom clusters (meaning the top of the stem usually is flowers, not foliage). Most produce fruits in short time span while others may produce all season.

Indeterminate (Ind) means long vines, subterminal blossom clusters (meaning flowers occur along the sides of the stem), usually producing until frost.