Whether your like white, pink, purple or blue,
there is a Heavenly Hydrangea just for you!

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Hydrangea arborescens (left) prefer shade,
while the paniculatas (right) can take the full sun.

Hydrangea macrophlla or large leaf hydrangeasThe large leaf, or macrophyllas prefer shade and the color can be pink, purple or blue depending on how acidic your soil is. For blue or purple flowers add Espoma Soil Acidifier to the of the soil. If you prefer pink, add lime. Have a pH test done to be sure!
These delicate lacecap hydrangeas are large leaf hydrangeas too.


Looking to add some plants that attract pollinators?
Include a few these in your garden.
Purple, Green and Marsh MilkweedsPurple, Green and Marsh Milkweeds MonardasMonardas or Bee Balm Chelone Glabra, Golden Alexander and Gray Headed ConeflowerChelone Glabra, Golden Alexander and Gray Headed Coneflower Russian Sage, Lavender and AsterRussian Sage, Lavender and Aster

 Fall MUM crop growing quickly!

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